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September 15, 2017

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Weight Loss

December 12, 2017

Having hit my 30s, bought a house and in the process of gaining new clients for my dog boarding and day care business....I needed to change! I needed to change for the better and no one else could do it for me, but me. I was finally in the right mindset to seriously start thinking of losing weight. With A LOT of help and support from family (especially my Mum) and friends, I've managed to get there. I wanted to properly exercise the dogs in my care, enjoy life and reduce my risk of health issues (diabetes, heart attack etc).


Don't get me wrong, I've tried losing weight before (I've lost count how many times I've tried!). I totally admire people who do stick with those programmes/diets like Slimming World or Weight Watchers. It just wasn't for me, as I wasn't in the right mind frame or place to keep myself motivated and easily slid back into old eating habits and to be totally honest, at that point in time, I wasn't really bothered.


I hated clothes shopping. Even the thought of wandering round clothes shops with friends actually fill me with dread as I knew I wouldn't be able to fit into anything. I used to order bigger baggy clothing online, just stuff that I would feel comfortable in. I didn't like looking at myself in the mirror. I felt ashamed of myself, of having letting myself get that big.   


I started doing the Alevere programme at Snowberry Clinic in Melksham. The pictures below show me at the start of the programme, on 9th June 2017. At that point, I was 115.9kgs (18st 2lbs). 

































Alevere is entirely non-surgical and does not involve the taking of drugs or medicines to promote weight loss, yet it is highly and remarkably effective. 

Alevere is medically supervised by a doctor. They closely monitored and supported me throughout the weight loss, and beyond, to keep my weight stable long-term.


It was very important that the clinic knew the exact state of my health before I began the programme so that they closely monitor it throughout. Blood tests are needed, both prior to and during treatment. Monitoring blood tests were done at 4 week intervals. If these tests show any specific issues the doctor may adjust the supplements (calcium, magnesium, potassium) I was taking during the programme. 


A metabolic test was also carried out at throughout the programme using specialist equipment. This accurately measured how much energy I was burning with my basal (resting) metabolism as well as the fat, lean tissue (muscle) and water composition of my body. This is different for every individual.


With Alevere, you will lose weight quickly, safely and predictably without losing muscle or slowing down your metabolic rate. Basically, they can get you out of that exhausting pattern of yo-yo dieting. ​


The non-scale weight loss achievements are the small everyday indicators that mark a new healthier life. They are the added bonus to losing weight and are an important part of the programme – they helped me to keep positive along the way! The achievements seen include:

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Better sleeping pattern

  • Better skin

  • Improved fitness

  • More energy. 

My weekly treatment plan was mainly done by clinicians who looked after me every week at the clinic. They carried out weekly body contouring treatments, recorded weight loss, provided information about the stages and gave helpful advice on how to stay on track. They also helped me deal with going on holiday to Italy for a week.


Treatments were:

- ultrasound treatment - state-of-the-art ultrasound to break down areas of stubborn fat
LPG - this machine would make your skin contract by tightening and firming it all over using technology that stimulates collagen and elastic fibres (nest way to describe this machine, is that it's like a mini vacuum sucking on your skin). 
Ultrasound Treatment

Subcutaneous fatty deposits (those under the skin) respond poorly to a diet because blood circulation in these local fat deposits is poor and it is difficult for the fat cells to release their contents into the blood vessels.

The doctor will determine which subcutaneous fatty areas are likely to respond least well to the diet and these areas will be given treatment every week with ultrasound. It will break down the subcutaneous fatty deposits in the areas treated but it will not harm any other structures or tissue.


Skin and Connective Tissue Treatment

Your skin is treated with a machine called the LPG machine. This is the most effective treatment known for helping with maintaining and improving your skin’s elasticity as your weight is lost.


When you start to lose weight, your body size will reduce and your skin will tend to become loose and saggy. Exercise will not help your skin, as skin does not contain any muscles that can be exercised.


In addition, the LPG treatment intensively treats the connective tissue layer underneath the skin to eliminate fat deposits, improve the blood and lymphatic circulation and active lipolysis (the breakdown of fats). The improved blood and lymphatic circulation in the fatty layer ensures that the fats released by the ultrasound treatment can be easily removed.


Slackening skin is formed as your skin is stimulated to produce new collagen and elastin fibres with every treatment that you have. This treatment for your skin is therefore very important as you lose weight.



There are three stages to the programme. In the first stage, you lose most of your weight and you have to have five Alevere sachets each day. These are protein based and come in a range of savoury and sweet flavours. I also felt a bit like a rabbit, with all the green veg and salad I ate alongside the sachets. 


In the following stages, the number of Alevere sachets gradually get reduced each day and real food is carefully introduced back into your diet. Once your target weight is reached, the doctor will calculate a final nutritional plan for you to follow so that your weight remains stable long-term.


Today (Tuesday 12th December) I was signed off by the doctor and have finished the programme. I am now 6st lighter, weighing 76.4kgs (12st 3lbs). 


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